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Lisle Group was established as an answer to many of the growing questions and concerns about the recruiting industry. During our 40+ years of recruiting experience across multiple industries, we've seen candidates be ignored and devalued, clients not get the partnership or value that they are asking for and agencies struggle with constant turnover of their recruiting and sales staff. 

What makes us different?

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If you are actively looking for work, let us know. Submit your resume or email us directly. We'd love the chance to help you in your search. The difference with us is we won't ignore you. If we don't have anything or don't anticipate having anything that would work for you, we will tell you. Then, we will try to refer you to someone else who may be able to help. It's a tough market and simply relying on job boards can be extremely frustrating.


If you find yourself interested in seeing what else is out there or just stuck as to what your next move should be, let's discuss it. Exploring those options with us could open the door to your next great opportunity. It could also help give you a fresh look at your current position. That could be a great option and it might not make sense to make a move. Let's discuss it.

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Staffing Services

If you are in need of traditional contract, contract to hire or direct placement support, we can definitely help you there. We have experience across a variety of industries.

Direct Placement/Search

We know how difficult the market can truly be. If you are in need of more specialized talent or management/executive level search, let's discuss it. We have experience there as well.

Custom Solutions

With our years of experience, we see no need to limit each situation to the traditional "staffing" bucket. Our experience ranges from retained search and employee engagement to managed services, RPOs, and other buckets in between. Let's discuss your situation and we can help determine what the best solution may be.

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Serving Businesses & Job Seekers

What makes you different? That's a common question when first meeting with a client or candidate. Most times, the answers are basically the same. It's the database, the network of candidates or the screening process. Those are all surface level, "sales" responses. In reality, what we've seen over the years is that it's the people behind those processes that make the difference. It's the art of recruiting. It's valuing partnership and having the desire to add value to a relationship rather than just make placements. That's the passion that is driving the Lisle Group team. Our goal is to be a strategic partner who can help both our clients and candidates navigate the various challenges that they face in their respective processes.

In short, we do not want to work with everyone or hire large amounts to staff to simply grow our footprint while diluting our service. 

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